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Your mpro5 world

Access all mpro5 features specific to your business, such as Jobs, Assets & Parts or Timesheets & Expenses, from a single screen on the mpro5 mobile app. This is your mpro5 world. Define how you want it.


Connect your staff and sensors with

Internet of Things

Our brand new Internet of Things (IoT) module, 5THINGS, allows you to further drive automation within your organisation by connecting your IoT sensors with mpro5 mobile workflow solution...




As part of the mpro5 service, we'll convert all of your paper processes into intelligent, digital workflows - accessible for your staff to complete on any mobile device, at any location, on and offline. For more information on how to use mpro5 Flows, simply click on the video link below...

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Access all of your


The Resources feature within mpro5, originally called the Doc Store, allows you to store and access documents, such as training guides and certifications, on your mobile device, at any time.

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